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Getting Fit Programme

Planning for your business’s future

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A strategic business plan is the map that will take your business to where you want it to be in the future.


  • starting with vision/mission values/beliefs – establishing core beliefs and lifestyle preference
  • external analysis – general environmental scan of opportunities and threats
  • external analysis – own industry and trends
  • internal analysis – business lifecycle phase, business culture, financial resources and human resources
  • strengths and weaknesses of the business
  • critical success factors such as quality and timeliness
  • setting direction, goals and objectives
  • strategies and tactics – service, product, price, placement, promotion
  • financial budget – matching resources to strategy
  • strategic business plan milestones
  • risk analysis and contingencies.

After the seminar you will be able to access additional course resources in our complimentary Financial Fitness Online Learning Centre. This includes a forum for discussions with other course participants and to communicate with the presenter, Michael Fowler. This is open for a month after the seminar, and is presently FREE.