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Internal controls and accounts payable

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If you are in an accounts payable or contracts payment role and have no formal training in bookkeeping or introductory accounting, this course may suit you. The expenditure cycle is one of the most important functions of an organisation as it involves the outlay of cash. Central to this function is making the correct authorised payment amount at the right time. This seminar will explain how accounts payable fits into the big picture, and within the operation of an ERP or accounting system.


  • expenditure cycle and the purchasing procedure
  • risk exposures to accounts payable
  • internal controls – preventing and detecting accounts payable fraud
  • collection points for invoices and their authorisation
  • how accounts payable fits into the wider accounting or ERP system
  • credit card use
  • policies and procedures, including how to avoid unnecessary payment runs

After the seminar you will be able to access additional course resources in our complimentary Financial Fitness Online Learning Centre. This includes a forum for discussions with other course participants and to communicate with the presenter, Michael Fowler. This is open for a month after the seminar, and is presently FREE.