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Running a Marathon Programme

So you want to go into business?

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Many of us have thought about going into business, whether we have an idea for a great new gadget, want to run a café or be the next Steve Jobs. Unlike being an employee where you are paid every period in return for your labour, and get paid time off for sickness and holidays, when you’re self-employed you have to fend for yourself. Before you leap into the world of entrepreneurship, you need to know what’s involved in being your own boss. This seminar explains the critical information you’ll need.


  • starting with vision/mission values/beliefs – establishing core beliefs and lifestyle preference
  • Testing my idea – will it last the distance?
  • Should I set up as a sole trader, partnership, company or trading trust?
  • How much will it cost? Financing your idea, and getting along nicely with your bank.
  • Your advisors – how they can help, and how to minimise costs here.
  • What does it take – are you suited for self-employment?
  • You’ll need a business plan – a quickie guide.
  • Risk – what if it all goes wrong? Avoiding the “Vegas syndrome.”
  • Keeping track of your cash flow statements.

After the seminar you will be able to access additional course resources in our complimentary Financial Fitness Online Learning Centre. This includes a forum for discussions with other course participants and to communicate with the presenter, Michael Fowler. This is open for a month after the seminar, and is presently FREE.